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 David McKillop, Consultant
  • Do you need an experienced motivational speaker at a conference for mathematics teachers from K to 12, or for parents?
  • Do you need an experienced workshop facilitator for any type of mathematics professional development for mathematics teachers and/or math coaches/mentors in grades K to 12?
  • Do you need a facilitator of Lenses on Learning for your K to 9 administrators?
  • Do you need a facilitator of Dynamic Classroom Assessment for your teachers of K to 9 mathematics?
  • Do you need an experienced author or editor for a mathematics teaching resource?
  • Do you need the services of an experienced mathematics curriculum developer?
  • Do you need mathematics assessment items created, or an assessment developed?
  • Do you need an evaluator for the mathematics program in your school?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES, contact David McKillop at Making Math Matter to discuss your particular requirements. See the Contact page.

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